Equifax Data BreachThe Equifax Data Breach is only the most recent in a long list of computer breaches in which the personal and financial data of millions of people was stolen.  You may remember the Target Data Breach of 2013 and the OPM Data Breach of 2015.  The personal and financial data of millions of people was stolen in both of these cases as well.  According to the Wall Street Journal, hackers entered Equifax’s computer system in March of this year and roamed the system undetected for FOUR months.

The bottom line is that at this point in time there is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent our information from being stolen.  One thing that makes this especially annoying is that we did not ask for this information to be collected or stored by anyone in the FIRST PLACE.  In any event, aside from getting upset, you can check out this article from the Federal Trade Commission which gives some instructions on how to verify if you were affected by the breach.  The article also tells you what steps you can take to help prevent a bad situation from getting even worse in the event that your data was compromised.

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