…..For people who don’t want to be scammed, sexually assaulted, murdered, or suffer any major disappointments.

  1. Only use dating sites that perform some sort of background check.
  2. Remember that Tinder is a hookup app…. not a dating app.
  3. Be suspicious of everyone you meet on dating sites and dating/hookup apps.
  4. If you get a bad feeling about someone you meet online, trust your instincts and move on.
  5. When meeting someone for the first time, meet them in a public area.
  6. Volunteer as little personal information as possible (address, employer, etc.) until you really get to know the person you are interacting with.
  7. If you have children, the only thing people should know about them is that you have them.  Not their names, not their social media profiles, and not their SCHOOL!
  8. Consider it a red flag when someone you meet online tells you any type of sob story.
  9. Do your due diligence to verify people’s identities.  If your dating site does not require background checks, you may have to use other means.  You can visit your love interest’s social media pages, have them text you pictures, or use FaceTime or Skype.