The Derek Chauvin Mugshot

So what are people on the internet saying about the Derek Chauvin case? Well, they are saying a lot. Here is a selection of some random comments that have been curated from the comments sections of various social media and internet blog websites. Please be warned that some of these comments may offend some people.

Good morning Anti Afro Svengali, this case is about evidence, witnesses, toxicology report, police procedure, two medical reports and the rest is emotive flannel. Race has nothing to do with it, unless you think it is natural for black men to be laced with meth and fentanyl hence has a right to resist sitting in the back of a cop car. Dave Chappelle’s monologue, idiots rioting, before all the facts are out and killing innocent black folk, whilst burning down their own businesses, as well as others. The FACTS are all that matter. Based upon that? This man of color, CDOS, cannot convict Derek Chauvin of murder in any degree, or manslaughter. Negligence might be a possibility, but that hangs on whether Chauvin knew George Floyd was on drugs, knew what drugs and how much drugs? Lastly, did he carry out the kneeling procedure properly and was he correct in applying the legal move for that length of time? Hopefully, you will not feel that my comments are an attack on you in anyway. Stay blessed.

He should get a year for each of the years Gorge lived the other officers should do a year and a day and keep their peace office license but banned from service in Minnesota.

Why do I get the feeling Derek Chauvin will be Epstein-ed?

If Officer Chauvin was black this would not be news or if George Floyd killed another black man it wouldn’t be news.

You telling me it was okay to put your knee on someone neck that long until they die and handcuffed ….

I don’t understand how people pretend to know how much pressure was being applied to Floyd’s neck. If there was so much then why was he able to talk when he was on the ground? How the cop could ever hope to get a fair trial is beyond me since those jurors have to have some idea of what they will face should they exonerate Derek Chauvin. And not just them but their families as well.

The prosecution is proving the defense’s case in that courtroom with every witness. But what’s even more on display is the Minnesota public school system. Certainly on par with the rest of the country’s.

I knew you were going to find a way to justify this I knew it. Innocent man huh (in reference to Derek Chauvin) we all saw the video Jessie. So if your son in the same situation with a cop knee on his neck for almost 9 minutes would you be saying that knowing you probably would. Smh

Brother shouldn’t have been fooling with heavy drugs or the story would be totally different. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. PERIOD. All about the $$$$. I CANT BREAVE!! Yeah because those drugs kicked in.

So basically what you’re saying the man’s life was worthless really Jesse and you a reverend got you…

JLP is watching another trial, because Officer Chauvin’s supervisor testified that the rogue cop did use excessive force and several EMT’s that came on the scene and took George Floyd to the emergency room, said that they thought he was dead at the scene. They confirm that Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd.

The prosecution has 14 lawyers. The defense has 1 lawyer. The left can’t wait to hang Derek Chauvin.

He didn’t have to kill him. He chose to.

Amazin’, you know the prosecution has no case when they have to rely on making appeals to emotion rather than statements of fact. The only thing George Floyd was a victim of was excited delirium because of the excessive amounts of fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system. He was sitting in his own car and he didn’t seem to suffer from claustrophobia when he was sitting in his car, he only felt it when he was in the police car so he had selective claustrophobia. He was non-cooperative from the beginning and the police were more than patient with him and he said he can’t breathe when they initially tried to put him in the car. If he followed the very simple instructions given to him by the officers he would be alive today and the only person responsible for the death of George Floyd is George Floyd.

Jesse I’m coming to LA to your forum tomorrow. I love your platform but that was murder. I don’t care what Floyd did before. Derek Chauvin killed him. Point blank. He should be in prison

Black criminals matter

Once your eyes are open you can see this case for the sham it is. They wouldn’t need all this emotional testimony if they thought they had a good case.

This isn’t about race or cops it’s about Chauvin’s knee did it cause Floyd’s death or not? Everyone appears to be against Derek Chauvin including the police the ambulance people and so on.

The victims of George Floyd’s crimes should have been allowed to testify.

The whites are going to cave and find him guilty out of fear of the blacks

No one could argue that the cops knee should have been on a citizens neck like that. Even IF there was virtually no pressure on Floyd’s neck (and we could test on you to see), in the words of leftards, it gives off the appearance of misconduct. Derek Chauvin did nothing to aid or assist Floyd. Floyd died. This enters the realm of negligent homicide, at the very least. By some insane logic because ‘cops must be trusted’ cops usually get off thereby ‘affirming our trust in cops’. It is true, they’re just doing their job 7 days a week. We probably wouldn’t like it if we were sentenced to prison for just another day on the job.

It’s a bad optic but they have shown repeatedly at this trial that Chauvin’s knee was never static and often was on Floyd’s shoulder and upper back. The prosecution has changed from “Floyd was murdered” to “Floyd was not given proper medical care”. The police were waiting for the ambulance and one of the state’s medical experts testified that Floyd was still alive when he was put in the ambulance.

So you all just gonna dismiss the fact Chauvin’s supervisor and another officer testified Chauvin used force inconsistent with Minnesota police department procedure? Forget Floyd, Karma got him. This is about excessive force used. If Derek Chauvin gets off there won’t be a such thing as excessive force. So don’t cry excessive force if it happens to you, for you all are condoning this.

A BLM co-founder bought a million dollar house and living in an all-white neighborhood and talking about racism, what a damn hypocrite…

It was decided before poor Derek Chauvin ever came to trial that he was guilty . The people in power are afraid to tell the truth about George Floyd because they know if Derek Chauvin is not convicted it could very well be worse than Watts 1992 . Poor Mr. Chauvin is the sacrificial lamb in a lame attempt to maintain peace in American cities. If a white is tossed under the bulldozer for that peace our so-called leaders do not have a problem with that.

Ain’t nothing innocent about Chauvin. He deserves prison and I’m not a Democrat.

The use of force is overplayed here. If a suspect does not comply, then what is a police officer supposed to do. How can you enforce the law, if people don’t comply. Floyd refused to be seated in the police car, so he ended up on the ground with police on top. The noncompliance, especially of blacks, leads to scenes like this, almost every time.

They’re preparing to let Derek Chauvin go. Boarding up buildings and putting up barbed wire. Another slap in the face.

“Cross-examination ended with Professor Stoughton agreeing that if Mr. Chauvin’s knee was on the trapezius muscle, that was not deadly force” This defense attorney better be good. He has more than enough ammunition to win this case. Of course Jurors need to be honest. We will see.

This case doesn’t even need all the stress, it’s an open and close case, he sat on a man’s corroded artery for 8:46 sec. As that human being apologized admitted he was wrong, called you Sir had 2 more animals on his lower half, and handcuffed, and cried for his mamma , open and closed case, COLD BLOODED MURDER.

It will not matter if Derek Chauvin is found guilty, the blacks will still riot.

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