PheramorAccording to this article on Newsmax, a dating site called Pheramor is trying to pair couples based on their DNA.  A cheek swab is used to collect the users DNAs, and this DNA is then used to determine what type of pheromones each user has.  People are then paired based on the presumed attraction they will have for each other due to their pheromones.  This process seems really involved, but people are apparently willing to go through with it.

If people are willing to do this, they should also be willing to submit to a criminal background check as part of the eligibility process to use a dating site.  There are endless stories of people being scammed, sexually assaulted, or killed by individuals they meet on popular dating sites like and Plenty of Fish.  The reason for this is that none of these sites conduct any type of background checks on their clients.

In the case of Pheramor, we can probably assume that most criminals won’t be willing to use a service that requires a DNA swab.  However, it is mind boggling as to why other dating sites are not running background checks given the amount of crimes this would prevent.

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