Precision Background Screening - Background ChecksGiven the multitude of online dating sties and dating apps that are available today, many people may think that traditional matchmaking services are a thing of the past.  This is not the case, however.  Not only are traditional matchmaking services doing very well, they are a much needed viable alternative to the crazy mess that exists via online dating sites and apps.  Online dating sites are unfortunately filled with frauds, scammers, and all sorts of violent, predatory and dysfunctional individuals.  To make things worse, there are usually no background checks being conducted by these platforms.

Traditional matchmaking services reduce the risks posed by unsavory individuals, because users of these services have to provide a lot of information to the matchmaker in order to be matched appropriately.  Matchmakers do their best to try and discern the character of their clients, and there is often a preliminary screening process that clients must go through before they are even taken on as clients.  Nevertheless, caution should still be used by matchmaking services, because fraudulent, predatory, violent and dysfunctional individuals use all means to conduct their unsavory acts.  With that said, what types of background checks should matchmaking services be running on their clients?

The most important concern should always be safety.  If something horrible happens to a client, whether violent or not, this could seriously damage the reputation of the matchmaking service, and expose that service to potential financial liabilities.  Therefore, all matchmaking services should require that their clients undergo a criminal background check.  Criminal background checks come in various forms and from multiple sources.  There are county criminal records, statewide criminal records, federal criminal records as well as nationwide criminal databases and international criminal records searches.  Also, let us not forget the very important sex offender registry searches.

Matchmakers may also want to conduct a civil court records search when doing the background screening on their clients.  These searches identify noncriminal suits filed by individuals or corporations, such as judgments for nonpayment of goods and services, and litigation related to divorce, marriage, or child custody.  The importance of accessing these records should be self-explanatory.  Many people will not want to get into a relationship with someone who has serious problems related to alimony or child custody battles.

Another thing to include in these background checks to go along with or in place of the civil court record searches is a credit report.  This is also self-explanatory, because most people do not want to get into relationships with individuals who are heavily indebted or have bad credit.

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